Terms and conditions

This text describes the terms applicable to the access and use of Collaboratorium’s website content and services held by Dontknow Internet, S.L. (hereinafter, “Dontknow”), company domiciled at Comandante Franco Avenue, 11, 28016 in Madrid, CIF B86358371 (VAT number) and registered in Madrid’s Mercantile Registry in volume 29.467, file 87, section 8, sheet number M-530402.


Acceptance of terms

Users should read these Terms carefully before accessing content and using the services offered by the website www.collaboratorium.es (hereinafter “Website”).

It is essential that Users accept these conditions in order to access the content and to use the services of this Website. With access to the Website and use of its services, it is understood that Users are expressly stating their acceptance of these Conditions. If the User does not accept these conditions, he should refrain from visiting the Website and from making use of its services.


Conditions of Access and Data Provision

To access the services and content of this Website, Users must log into the Website by an invitation made by a previous User. The user must create a personal access password that protects access to the Website and the account from third parties. By creating a password, consent is given of the data protection policy (see “Data provided by Users” Privacy Policy) by default. Users must not share with anyone the password and Dontknow is not responsible for the User’s use of the password.


Veracity of Data

The data provided by Users must be truthful, accurate and must not be misleading. Users guarantee the accuracy of the personal data entered by them and are solely responsible for statements that are false, inaccurate or misleading. No User may impersonate a third party by the registration.

Dontknow is not responsible for any statement made by the Users that is false, inaccurate or misleading, nor is obliged to check the accuracy of personal data. However, Dontknow reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the Website’s private content of those Users who are suspected to have introduced false, inaccurate or misleading information.


Data modification

Users must keep their personal data updated. Users can review and modify their registration data as many times as they deem appropriate or necessary.


Data Processing and Private Policy

Collaboratorium treats personal data of Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Website and in accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13th on the protection of personal data, and Law 34/2002, July 11th, on the Society’s Services Information and Electronic Commerce.


Content of files published by users

Users can upload content to the Website they deem appropriate and whose property they possess; should they make use of videos, images, texts…of which they do not hold the intellectual property, they should cite the author and owner of such content.

By accessing, and registering on the Website, Users sign with Dontknow an agreement by which Dontknow agrees not to post or transfer to third parties the content generated by Users without prior authorization from them.

Users are fully responsible for the content, images, and videos they post on the Website. Under no circumstances may Collaboratorium be demanded responsibility for such content, images, and videos posted by Users, as well as their continuity on the Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Collaboratorium reserves the right to refuse the posting of files, content, images and determined videos or restrict certain information if it is considered that the above files, content, images and videos, or information which are not reasonably adequate to the basis or purpose of the Website or violate any of the prohibitions set forth below.

It is expressly forbidden to publish any file, content, information or opinion, that among others:

– Violates any law or local, national or international regulation that is applicable or is contrary to morality or public order.

– Infringes any third party industrial or intellectual property.

– Is published for commercial or lucrative purposes of the User.

– Violates the right to privacy or the privacy of any person, and in particular in the case of images or videos that have been uploaded to the Website without the consent of the persons appearing in such images or videos.

– Is defamatory or constitutive of slander, threat or coercion.

– Is hurtful or discriminatory.

– Is false, inaccurate or misleading.

– Could be damaging to minors in any way, directly or indirectly.

– Incites violence or contains unjustified graphic violence.


Proper use of the Website

The User expressly agrees to make appropriate use of the contents of the Website, and not to use them for purposes other than those provided on the Website itself, and in particular, without limitation, for the following purposes, among others:

– Enter computer viruses into the Website or carry out any proceedings, which may alter, damage, destroy, disrupt or generate errors or damage Collaboratorium or third parties’ electronic documents or data.

– Impeding the access of other Users of the Website and its services by overloading or massively consuming computing resources through which Collaboratorium serves.

– Trying to access the Private Area of ​​other Users or restricted areas and remove, alter, use, distribute, sell or misuse information.

– Violate Collaboratorium, another User or any third party’s rights of industrial or intellectual property.

– Impersonating another User, public administration or any third party.

– Manipulate any security functionality of the Website.

– Collect data for advertising purposes and send advertising of any kind and communications for purposes of sale or other commercial nature without Collaboratorium’s prior consent.

– Insert links with access to third party websites that may harm in any way Collaboratorium, other Users or third parties.

The User shall be the sole responsible for its use of the Website. Collaboratorium is exempt of any liability from the misuse of the Website and the breach of the above prohibitions.



This Website contains links to other websites. Collaboratorium does not control or monitor third party links found on the website of this company. If the User leaves the website by accessing a third party link, Collaboratorium is not responsible neither for the technical availability, or content, or privacy policy the third party may or may not have.

Collaboratorium will not be liable for damage caused to the User by the query or use of the contents or services offered by a web page whose access occurred through a link found in the Website.

While Collaboratorium has no responsibility or assumes any obligation to review the contents of web pages that can be accessed from the Website, Collaboratorium reserves the right to remove or block access to such content on suspicion that it could be possibly illegal or damage property or rights of third parties liable for compensation.


Intellectual Property

All contents of Collaboratorium’s Website including, without limitation, content, images, videos, graphics, icons, technology and software and content, images, and videos that are uploaded by Users, are a work whose intellectual property will be under the license each of the contents indicates.

Access, navigation, use, hosting and/or content download and/or use of services of the Website by the User will under any circumstances be understood as a waiver, license or transfer total or partial of the holder of the corresponding rights.

Subject to the conditions applicable to the content provided by Users, the User agrees not to remove or alter any distinctive sign used as a trademark or trade name (graphic, logo, etc.), or any content appearing on the Website. Also, unless previous expressed written authorization by Collaboratorium, the User agrees to use such content exclusively for their own needs and not make direct or indirect commercial use of it or of the results obtained through the use of the Website.

The User agrees not to use the facilities and capabilities of the Website to perform or suggest activities prohibited by law or to try to attract Users to other services outside the Website activities.

The User acknowledges that the reproduction, modification, distribution, marketing, decompilation, disassembly, use of reverse engineering or other means to obtain the source code of the web, transformation or publication of any results of tests of unauthorized references of any of the elements and utilities integrated within Collaboratorium constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights of Collaboratorium, forcing therefore not to carry out any of the actions mentioned.

The User shall refrain from carrying out any conduct in the use of Collaboratorium that violates the rights of intellectual property of Collaboratorium or third parties, or that violates or infringes the honor, personal or family intimacy or third parties’ image, or that are illegal or violate morality, and in any case does not harm Collaboratorium against any claim, judicial or extrajudicial that arises as consequence of such use.

The User shall not promote or advertise through the services provided by Collaboratorium, any product or service, for profit or not, without the prior expressed written consent of the authorized legal representatives of Collaboratorium. The User authorizes Collaboratorium to reproduce and use any content posted by him on the Website. This content may be reproduced or used in any medium, digital or not.

The User shall refrain from performin through the use of the Website any destruction, alteration, cancellation or damage of data, programs or electronic documents belonging to the Website, its suppliers or third parties, and to introduce or spread network programs, viruses, applets, Active X controls or any instrument or any physical or electronic device that cause or are likely to cause any disruption in the network, in the system, or third-party’s equipment. Like so, any type of activity or practice which violates the principles of good conduct generally accepted among Internet users alike, is expressly prohibited.



The User expressly agrees that it is the solely responsible for the breach of these Terms and its contents and stipulations. It exempts all liability from Collaboratorium in the case the User fails to comply with these conditions, its contents and its stipulations.

Also, in any of the following cases Collaboratorium guarantees or is responsible for any of the following aspects: (i) Internet access and the capacity and data treatment and processing of the hardware and software equipment used by the User; (ii) the time in the processing and delivery of data or queries of stored data; (iii) load levels or the number of queries per second that the Internet access provider is capable of supporting; (iv) changes in the conditions of service of Internet access by operators and providers of such services, or changes due to modifications in the applicable legislation, changes or conditions imposed by the Telecommunications Commission Market to licenses or authorizations to the Internet access providers, or changes determined by the Internet access providers themselves; (v) uses of intermediation services offered by Collaboratorium in a way that does not comply with the instructions given by Collaboratorium at all times, if any; (vi) fraudulent, unfair, abusive, or unlawful uses, by Users or third party services providers offered by Collaboratorium; (vii) the absence of viruses and / or other harmful components on the Web or the server that supplies it; (viii) the lack of utility or performance of the contents of the Web.


Changes in the terms and conditions of use

Collaboratorium may make periodic changes to these Terms without notice, publishing any change in the same way this text appears or through any type of communication directed to Users. Collaboratorium recommends that Users review and periodically read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy which are in effect at all times.

If a User does not agree with the changes made in the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, he must close his private account through the option available for this purpose on the Website and stop accessing the Website and the use of its services.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Courts of the city of Madrid shall resolve any dispute, claim or legal proceeding arising in connection with these Conditions. Spanish law governs these Terms at all times.